Meet the staff of Holy Family - as seen through the eyes of our children!

Miss Akhtar
by Anna

Mrs Aldred
by Shamus

Mrs Anderson
by Amina

Mrs Burgundy
by Zain

Mrs Choudhury
by Khushi

Mrs Doherty
by Bethany

Miss Farrell
by Kaushalya

Mrs Felton
by Manha

Ms Fernandez
by Anam

Mrs Guest
by Yasoon

Mrs Hameed
by Fayzan

Mr Hill
by Adam

Miss Hussain
by Humayra

Miss Keating
by Savez

Mr Kennedy
by Owais

Mrs King
by Samir

Miss Landucci
by Amina

Mrs A Lloyd
by Afeefah

Mrs J Lloyd
by Zayna

Mrs Lunham
by Sylvia

Mr McDonald
by Safa

Mrs McHugh
by Ria

Mrs O'Driscoll
by Asif

Mrs Patru
by Andrei

Mrs Quinn
by Humayan
Ms Smyth
by Annalisa

Mrs Upham
by Eesa

Miss Ward
by Eiliyah
Mrs Wright
by Jasleen

Mrs Yearsley
by Summayya

Mrs Young
by Christina

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs P King Headteacher, DSL Teaching and Learning,  Assessment
Miss F Ward Year 6 Teacher, Science and Computing
Mrs C McHugh Year 5 Teacher, Assistant Headteacher , Maths
Mr J McDonald Year 4 Teacher, History
Mr D Hill Year 3 Teacher, PE
Mrs M Aldred Year 2 Teacher, Assistant Headteacher, English
Mrs J Young Year 1 Teacher, RE
Mrs C Yearsley Year 1 Teacher, Geography
Mrs R Upham Teacher, EAL Lead
Miss A Landucci Reception Teacher, Deputy DSL Art
Ms M Smyth Nursery Teacher, EYFS Lead,
Ms E Fernandez-Perez Teacher, MFL
Mrs B O'Driscoll Teacher Senco, Deputy DSL, Pastoral and Inclusion, Music
Mrs R Felton Teacher RE support
Mrs J Lloyd Year 6 Support Staff, Mentor, School Council
Mrs D Doherty Year 3 & Year 4 Support, Medical Needs
Mrs A Lloyd Year 5 Support Staff, HLTA, D&T
Mrs M Anderson Year 2 Support Staff, RE Support
Mrs K Guest Year 1 Support Staff, Librarian
Mrs C Quinn Year 2 Support Staff
Mrs M Patru Year 2 Support Staff/ EAL Support
Miss M Hussain Reception Support Staff*
Mrs R Hameed Reception Support Staff
Mrs P Wright Nursery Support Staff *
Miss S Akhtar Nursery Support Staff*
Miss C Keating Office Manager*
Mrs E Lunham Office Administrator
Mrs S Choudhury Admin Assistant
Mrs M Burgundy Cook
Mr J Kennedy BSM
Miss J Farrell Family Support
Miss J Hill School Nurse
Miss K Griffiths Speech and Language Therapist

* First Aiders