Snippets of News

Ash Wednesday Mass

2 March 2022

We gathered today as a school community to start our Lenten journey together by the receiving of ashes.

The ashes are a sign that we are asking God for forgiveness for our sins. Lent is a time when we can really think about our choices, and make sure that we try our hardest to live a good life.

Year 6 Candlemass Mass

2 February 2022

The children in Year 6 led the school in a beautiful mass to celebrate Candlemass.

In our introduction Ishaan explained that this was the day we celebrate the Presentation of the Lord. This is when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple forty days after he was born. Jesus was greeted by the prophets Simeon and Anna. They knew that he was the Messiah, the Light of the World, salvation of the world.

This special time is also called ‘Candlemas’ because candles are blessed on this day. Bidding prayers were written to reflect the theme of the mass and were read by Sumayah, Humayun and Kulsuma.

Year 3 Mass

Mass led by Year 3.

23 December 2021

During the final week of the Autumn term, we celebrated Mass which was led by the children in Year 3. The children read beautifully and were extremely reverent and respectful.

During our special Mass we focused on the lighting of the fourth candle on the Advent wreath which represents peace.

Father reminded us about the gift of generosity and about having a kind heart.

Year 4's Advent Liturgy

Year 4's Liturgy.

16 December 2021

Today was year 4’s Advent Liturgy, which was based on The Jesse Tree.

The class spent time focusing on the origins of The Jesse Tree and the importance of the ornaments which represent different stories of the Old Testament.

We focused our attention on the story of Jonah and thought about how God forgave him for disobeying him. We also retold the story of The Battle of Jericho and how God helped his people to retake the city.

Year 1 Advent Liturgy

Advent Liturgy led by Year 1.

7 December 2021

The children in Year 1 led the school for our next Advent liturgy.

We continued Mary’s journey after the Annunciation to see her go and visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was also pregnant. This baby would become Saint John the Baptist.

It is during the Visitation that we hear Elizabeth say the words “Blessed are you and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.” These are the words that became the Hail Mary prayer.

Year 5 Mass

Year 5's Mass.

4 November 2021

We gathered today as God’s family to celebrate Mass for All Saints and The Holy Souls. We remembered the saints, our family members and the soldiers who have gone to heaven to be with God.

Fr Fretch talked about how we should remember them and be happy for those memories.

Mass of Thanksgiving for Father Philip

Father Philip's last Mass.

10 September 2020

We gathered in church to celebrate one last Mass with Father Philip as our Parish Priest.

He has given us his time, expertise and prayers over the last seven years and we wish him well as he starts in his new parish in Stourbridge.

We thank God for all that he has done for us.

Year 5 at the Islamic Exhibition Centre

Year 5 at the Islamic Centre.

4 March 2020

Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Islamic Exhibition Centre to learn more about the Islamic faith and way of life.

We visited four different stations; Faith and History, The Five Pillars, Family Life and Islam and Science, as well as discovering more about Islamic art and architecture.

We also had the opportunity for a question and answer session and practised writing our name in Calligraphy.

A fantastic trip linked to learning about other faiths as well as linking to our History topic; Early Islamic Civilisation.

Bronze and Silver Star Awards

Children excitedly receive their awards.

28 February 2020

Congratulations to our children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who received their bronze and silver stars today.

These children have been consistently reading every night, being punctual for school and doing their best every day.

Year 4 Saint’s Day Celebration

Year 4 celebrating St Bernadette's feast day.

14 February 2020

Year 4 celebrated the feast day of St. Bernadette our class saint.

We researched her life and created a fact file about her.

In the afternoon, we met as a class and prayed for the sick in our community. Then we held a celebration together and shared pizza, crisps and sweets.

We all had a lovely day.

Choir Visit King Edwards Camp Hill

Choir ready to watch the rehearsal of the show.

11 February 2020

On Tuesday 11th February the choir from Holy Family had the pleasure in attending a performance at King Edwards Camp Hill for Girls.

The KECH students performed a selection of their songs from their Grease and Cabaret Show. This was their practice performance before the show officially opened for their family and friends on the evening hence only a selected few were chosen for the primary audience.

The singing, choreography and orchestra were fantastic. The students were inspirational, and the choir could see what was required to carry out a performance at that level.

Bronze Awards

Children receiving their certificates.

24 January 2020

We gathered to celebrate our second bronze star award successes with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

We thanked God for his love and support and for giving us our skills and talents to be successful at school.

Congratulations to those children awarded with their bronze stars for reading every night, being punctual at school and always being ready to do your best every day.

The Feast of Holy Family Celebration Mass

Our special Celebration Mass.

16 January 2020

On Thursday 16th January, we gathered as a school and parish in church to celebrate and recognize the importance of our school's feast day, The Feast of The Holy Family.

This feast day is celebrated on the Sunday after the birth of Jesus Christ. We have been really thinking about the importance of the ‘Holy Family’ in our everyday life at school; this has been a huge focus in our learning.

The mass was led by Year 6, who eloquently informed us about the love of the Holy Family - Mary, Joseph and Jesus. During the mass, Father Philip reflected on the precious family that Jesus had. The Holy Family is a family not built on glamour or the wealth of this world, but on love and is rich with the graces of God, we are grateful for the love we share with him.

As a school family, we prayed for our own family members and thanked God for the love they show us.

Displayed throughout the church, are the visible reminders of the Holy Family.

Bronze Star Award and Golden Book Assembly

Children excitedly receive their awards.

18 December 2019

The children were excited to discover who had achieved the Bronze Star award and Golden Book nomination in our special Celebration Assembly.

Staff have been busy collecting the stars that children had received for all their hard work in reading regularly, attending school and taking pride in their learning- being the best they can be! Many children have achieved well over 60 stamps for a Bronze star.

The teachers had a difficult job choosing who should receive the Golden Book nomination. There was definitely a theme as Mr Foley read out the reasons why they had been chosen.

We look forward to hearing about the wonderful achievements next term.

KS1 Bronze Star Awards

Congratulations to our bronze award winners.

17 December 2019

The children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 gathered to celebrate achieving lots of Bronze Star Awards.

The bronze stars were given to children who have been reading every night, attending school and being punctual and doing their best every day.

Congratulations to all the children who are now wearing their bronze star badges with pride. Keep up all the hard work!

Christmas Fundraiser

Selling hard at our festive fundraiser.

11 December 2019

On Wednesday 11th December we held our annual festive fundraiser.

All classes had worked hard using their amazing DT skills to create festive treats to sell.

A huge thank you to all the parents who attended, together we raised an amazing £1130 to be split between Macmillan Cancer Support and school projects.

Year 5 Girls' 5-a-side Football

Members of the girls' football squad.

21 October 2019

On Monday 21st October our Year 5 girls took part in a 5-a-side football tournament at Oasis Hobmoor.

150 girls took part and competed over two sessions. Our girls played over twelve games and tried really hard, considering it was their first time playing on a grass football pitch.

Thank you to Miss Shirley and Mrs King for taking the children.

Rosary with His Grace

Praying together with Archbishop Bernard.

9 October 2019

During this month of the Rosary, children in Years 1, 5 and 6 joined with children throughout the Archdiocese of Birmingham, to pray the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary with His Grace, Archbishop Bernard.

This was a very special time spent in prayer with God and Mary. The children were so respectful.

Year 5's Class Saint Day

Celebrating the feast of St Francis of Assisi.

4 October 2019

Year 5 celebrated the feast of St Francis of Assisi.

They learned that St Francis taught us the importance of taking care of God’s creation and was an unwavering follower of the Catholic Church.

They found out about his life and read his canticle that he wrote to praise God for his wonderful creation. They then wrote their own canticles.

In the afternoon, they enjoyed a class party.

Mass for the Feast of St Francis of Assisi

We prayed for God’s creation and his generous gifts to us.

3 October 2019

We celebrated Mass for the Feast of St Francis of Assisi. Year 5 prepared our beautiful Mass and read clearly and reverently.

To begin Mass we sang 'Make me a channel of your peace' which was written as a prayer by St Francis over 800 years ago.

Fr Phillip challenged us to be 'Channels of Peace' by showing love, care and peace to everyone we meet.

Year 1 Inspire Workshop

Year 1 Inspire Workshop.

2 October 2019

This morning the parents of Year 1 came into school to learn how phonics and reading in Year 1 work.

They heard what the expectations of reading are, and the importance of reading at home every day. They then saw a modelled shared reading session with the class and later used the techniques shown to read with their own child. The children also had a go at showing their parents where sound buttons are placed under words.

It was a lovely morning and both the parents and children loved spending time together reading.

Year 2 Inspire Workshop

Year 2 Inspire Workshop.

1 October 2019

Year 2 worked with their grownups on lots of reading activities.

We shared books together, discussed vocabulary and completed some tricky questions. We enjoyed reading with our adults and sharing time together.

Year 6 Inspire Workshop

Year 6 Inspire Workshop.

19 September 2019

On Thursday September 19th 2019 the Year 6 parents attended an Inspire workshop with their children.

During the workshop we looked at the children’s reading journals and how they are used to support the children when they are reading. We also talked about the assessment tests at the end of the year and suggested ways in which the parents could support their children.

It was lovely to see the children working with their parents and enjoying their time together

Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly.

13 September 2019

At Holy Family Primary School, we gather together to celebrate the children’s successes, whether big or small. Part of this, is a weekly celebration assembly held on a Friday.

Teachers will choose pupils from their class who have achieved something special during that week. This may be linked to learning, progress, attainment or behaviour, helpfulness or good manners!

Chosen children receive a certificate and choose a book to keep and read for pleasure.

We also celebrate the class who has highest percentage of attendance. This week Year 1 received the trophy and some extra play! Well done everyone!

Understanding How to Belong to God’s Family

Sister Maura speaking to the children.

9 September 2019

On Monday 9th September Sister Maura visited Year 3 to teach us about belonging.

The children listened to Sister Maura and how she became a sister and how we as a class belong to many different groups such as: God’s family, religious affiliations, our neighbours and finally our family.

Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly.

6 September 2019

We gathered to celebrate our first week of the new school year.

Mrs King spoke to us about doing our best and being proud of our achievements.

Our teachers celebrated our learning and there were lots of certificates awarded and books chosen from the Book Trolley. Year 2 were awarded the Attendance Cup for having the highest attendance in school.

A wonderful start to our new year. Keep up all the hard work!

First Mass of the School Year

Our first Mass of the year.

5 September 2019

We gathered as a school and parish for our first Mass of the new academic year.

In the Gospel we heard about how Jesus called his disciples. Father Philip then spoke to us about how we need to make sure that we make time to listen to God, and he taught us all a new song about Jesus being a fisherman.

It was also a special day for Year 3 as we remembered their class saint, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, on her feast day.

Year 1's Class Saint Day

Year 1's celebration of St John the Baptist.

24 June 2019

Year 1 celebrated the feast day of Saint John the Baptist.

They learned that he was a cousin of Jesus and his mother was Elizabeth and his father was Zechariah. They also learned that he was called by God to prepare for Jesus.

His vocation was to 'prepare a way for the Lord' by praying, preaching to people about making the right choices and asking for forgiveness.

We wrote about his life, wrote prayers of thanks to God for this special man who lived a simple life. We shared our prayers in our beautiful prayer garden where we thought about what God calling us to do.

Liturgical Leaders visit St Chad's Cathedral

The group at St Chad's.

21 May 2019

On Tuesday 21 May, our Liturgical Leaders, children from different years groups, Mr Foley and Mrs King had the pleasure of attending a special mass at St Chad’s Cathedral to present our cheque for the money raised to a charity helping local people in need.

We were joined with children from a number of schools across the city at St Chad’s Roman Catholic Cathedral in Birmingham to present their fantastic donation to Midland social care charity, Father Hudson’s Care. We had raised the money throughout Lent, through cake sales, non-uniform days and sponsored events.

We presented our gifts at the Cathedral during a celebratory Good Shepherd Mass celebrated by Bishop David McGough. The morning was filled with colour, worship and song as schools from across the city and beyond filled St Chad’s. We took part in the procession and shared a reflective prayer.

Bishop David highlighted the need locally. “Wherever you live,” he said, “very close to you there are people struggling with ill health. Perhaps they can’t get out of the house. Perhaps their partner has died and their children, if they have them, live far away. There are families where mum or dad are unable to work, through no fault of their own. They might wonder where their next meal is coming from, or who will pay for the next school uniform. And there are people who came here from far away, who suffered unimaginable pain as their homes were ripped apart. They feel alone and forgotten. Who will care for them? I can say today that the children are caring for them. Father Hudson’s cares for all these people around the Archdiocese of Birmingham, and the children through their school collections raise the funds that enable Father Hudson’s to care.”

Andy Quinn, Chief Executive of Father Hudson’s Care, gave several examples of the work made possible by these funds. “Without your help,” he told the children, “Martin would still be living in a tent in the undergrowth on an island on the ring road in Birmingham. He lived there for two years because he was afraid. Now, at Tabor House – a night shelter provided by Father Hudson’s Care and partners – he can sleep safely at night. Martin recently had help to find a job and look for his own flat. He said that since moving there, the darkness has started to lift and he can see a future.

Father Hudson’s Care works across Birmingham and the West Midlands, transforming the lives of people at their time of need. Together with community partners, they support homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, isolated older people, vulnerable children and young people, disabled people and others who are isolated or disadvantaged. In the period before Easter, children from around 200 schools took part in fundraising activities for Father Hudson’s ‘Good Shepherd’ appeal, Holy Family being one of these.

We are extremely proud of our efforts and we look forward to hearing about the wonderful work that these charities carry out in the near future.

Easter Mass

Celebrating Mass for Easter.

9 May 2019

On Thursday 9th May we came together as a parish family to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord in our Easter Mass.

Year 5 led the mass wonderfully and Father Philip spoke to us about Jesus is the light that is always shining for us.

Computing Inspire

Parents and Year 1 children working at the computers.

19 March 2019

The children in Year 1 worked with a parent in the computer suite.

The session began with an e-safety talk from the Year 5 Digital Leaders who talked about being safe online at home and in school.

The children then had an opportunity to use Bug Club, PurpleMash and Times Table Rockstars.

Ash Wednesday Mass

Our special Mass for Ash Wednesday.

6 March 2019

We joined with our sister school, St Bernadette’s, and members of the parish to start our Lenten journey.

We received ashes to our foreheads as a sign that we should repent our sins and turn to the Gospel.

Father spoke to us about how this Lent we should take time to become closer to God and try to be the best person we can be.

He also spoke about how during Lent we should think about the three aspects of Lent – praying, almsgiving and fasting.

Year 4 at the Birmingham Youth Proms

Year 4 children in the Symphony Hall auditorium.

25 February 2019

On Monday 25th February Year 4 enjoyed an amazing visit to the Symphony Hall in Birmingham to enjoy the Birmingham Youth Proms.

We enjoyed a range of performances from choirs to a jazz act, all provided by children aged between 7 and 21.

It has really motivated Year 4 to look into possible musical instruments they could learn – their favourite was the drums!

Marvellous Music in Arts Week

13 February 2019

What a magnificent treat the children of Holy Family School had with a special visit from Birmingham’s Music Service.

The children and staff enjoyed a brass concert led by Mr Birnie Head of the Music Service, Paul, David and Tom all teachers with this wonderful service.

The four talented musicians performed with their brass instruments and wowed the listening audience with a series of beautiful pieces which had the children captivated and joining in with the rhythm and words. The youngest children in Nursery and Reception clapped and swayed as they enjoyed the performance. Each musician demonstrated their brass instrument and how it is played and the sounds it can make. The audience from Nursery to Year 6 were congratulated on their excellent behaviour and being a perfect audience.

A huge thank you to Mr Birnie and his music team for sharing their musical skills and talents with Holy Family today.

Father Hudson’s Care

Father Hudson's Good Shepherd assembly.

5 February 2019

On Tuesday 5th February Margot of Father Hudson’s Care visited school to launch the Good Shepherd Appeal 2019.

First, she thanked us all for our generosity towards our recent Tabor House collections, which was opened up a couple of years ago and hopes that we will continue to help the charity.

Margot shared many stories about how the money raised has impacted positively lives our different people around the city. These are people who sleep rough in many reasons, they live on cold, wet pavements and life is very difficult for them.

Birmingham's first permanent night shelter, Tabor House offers guests friendship, dignity and care. Guests are offered a mentor to help him or her find a lasting solution to improve their lives.

We listened with great interest to the success stories that have already happened in the six months that Tabor House has been operating.

During the Holy season of Lent, we think and pray for those less fortunate than ourselves and we will continue to support the Good Shepherd Appeal. Each class has a coin collection box on their prayer table and we ask for a small donation to fill each box with coins.

Supporting Tabor House

Herman receiving our cheque.

1 February 2019

On Friday 1st February, we received at visit from Herman from Tabor House. We presented him with a cheque to support the wonderful work that Tabor House does.

We had been working extremely hard before Christmas to raise money and send in gifts to those in need at Tabor House.

Herman explained how many people rough sleep in and around Birmingham for many reasons, they live on cold, wet pavements and life is very difficult for them. Last year Father Hudson Care opened Birmingham’s first permanent night shelter called Tabor House to offer guests friendship, dignity and care. Guests are offered a mentor to help him or her find a lasting solution to improve their lives.

We listened with great interest to the success stories that have already happened in the six months that Tabor House has been operating.

Herman said that the money we raised would make a huge difference to the lives of so many people.

Reception Meet Nurse Jo

Nurse Jo teaching Reception about cleanliness.

24 January 2019

Nurse Jo came to visit Reception on Thursday 24th January as part of our People Who Help Us topic.

Nurse Jo taught us all about the importance of clean teeth and clean hands.

Nurse Jo had a big bowl of sugar and we discussed how many spoons of sugar we thought were in our drinks and then we measured them out.

First Holy Communion Parent Workshop

Year 3 parents in the FHC workshop.

17 January 2019

Today we held our first parent workshop with our Year 3 children who are preparing for receiving their Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist later this year.

We discussed ‘belonging’ and the importance of our Baptisms. It was lovely that Father Philip was able to attend and offer his support to the children and parents.

Vocation Assembly

Deacon Owen speaking to the children.

15 January 2019

On Tuesday 15th January, Deacon Owen Gresty talked to the children in Assembly about how God calls us all in different ways. He explained about the importance of vocations in our lives.

We learned about how St Francis of Assis was called to follow Jesus in a special way.

Deacon Owen spoke about the calling of Blessed John Henry Newman; God had a plan for him too. He was a good role model and demonstrated real saint qualities.

Our gifts are very special and God wants us to use them to serve one another and be the best we can be. Living out our mission is very important and most of all God wants us all to be happy.

Deacon Gresty blessed a special portrait picture of Blessed John Henry Newman and we joined him in prayer. “If you are what you should be you will set the world on fire.” St Catherine of Siena.

Year 1's Hedgehog Week

Year 1 found out all about hedgehogs.

14 January 2019

The children in Year 1 have enjoyed an interesting week finding out about hedgehogs.

The week began with a visit from Marilyn who is a volunteer at Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue. She talked about where hedgehogs live, what they like to eat and what happens to them during the winter. The children were able to ask questions and learned what nocturnal and hibernation mean. Sadly Marilyn explained that hedgehog numbers are declining due to humans dropping rubbish. The children are going to make a difference by encouraging their family and friends to pick up rubbish and to be aware of hedgehogs in their local area.

As part of their learning the children made hedgehogs as a home learning project and wrote non fiction reports about hedgehogs. They also enjoyed lots of hedgehog stories.

Year 1 are going to be happy hedgehog helpers by caring for their local environment.

Severn Trent Assembly

Our special assembly from Severn Trent.

11 January 2019

Justin, from Severn Trent visited us on Friday 11th January for a special assembly about water, caring for the environment and the importance of keeping drains clean.

We learned about Justin’s important vocation and the difference we can all make when it comes to saving water and looking after our environment.

Also being discussed, were and ideas that can help us to use water more wisely. For example having a shower rather than a bath, using a watering can to water the garden instead of a hosepipe and remembering to turn off the tap when you are cleaning your teeth.

For more information visit You can also find free products, such as a 4 minute shower timer, which can help to save water.

We gave thanks to God for the wonderful water supply we have; we thought and prayed for those individuals in developing countries who have to travel miles to find clean water.

Loudmouth Theatre Workshop

Learnig about keeping safe.

9 January 2019

On Wednesday January 9th, the children in Years 5 and 6 had a wonderful opportunity of taking part in a special workshop run by the Loudmouth Theatre group.

During this workshop, the children learned about safeguarding and keeping safe in various situations including online. They also had an opportunity to discuss safe and unsafe relationships.

The children were taught about the PANTS rule where each letter of pants covers a different rule that communicates a simple but valuable lesson that helps to keep a child safe.

After this, the children also learned about Child Line where they can get advice and help about difficult issues that they may be facing.

P - Privates are private.
A - Always remember your body belongs to you.
N - No means no.
T - Talk about secrets that upset you.
S - Speak up someone can help you.

End of Autumn Term Mass

Celebrating our end of term Mass.

20 December 2018

We gathered as a family one last time before Christmas to remember how happy Mary was to say yes to God, and what a sacrifice it must have been for her.

Advent is a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ and prepare for the Second Coming. We have now lit three candles on the advent wreath and prepare to light the next two candles over the coming days.

It has been a long term and today we can reflect upon our achievements and set ourselves some aims for the New Year.

We also took this opportunity to thank Father Philip for all he does at school, both in front and behind the scenes.

Sleeping Beauty Pantomime

Sleeping Beauty on stage.

18 December 2018

On Tuesday 18th of December Years 1 to 6 visited Solihull Theatre to see the pantomime of their dreams, Sleeping Beauty.

Inside Bromwich Castle the royal family are preparing for the christening of their baby daughter, Princess Rose. The family get more than they bargained for when the wicked fairy and thorn in their side Carabosse hears of the celebrations and sets out to ruin their happiness.

We were entertained with daring duels, doting dragons, lavish sets, costumes and bucket loads of laughs. A brand new spin on an old yarn... a new era for pantomime in Solihull.

The children, staff and helpers thoroughly enjoyed Little Wolf Entertainment’s Sleeping Beauty. Mr Craggs was a great sport and maybe next year he will feature on stage!

Catholic Cup Football Match

Our team playing in the tournament.

27 November 2018

On Tuesday 27th November the football team attended a tournament.

We played five matches in total, winning one, losing one and drawing three. We played in pouring rain and hailstones but we did our very best to represent our school. We suffered a few injuries but bravely carried on playing.

Overall, Holy Family came in third place. We were happy with the result but strive to do better next time.

by Ayan and Danyal.

Year 1 Reading and Phonics Inspire Workshop

Children and adults working together.

11 October 2018

The children enjoyed a fun workshop with their adult helper this morning.

The workshop began with a short talk to parents about reading and phonics at Holy Family School. After that the children enjoyed a Shared Reading session and phonics session which modelled questioning and the use of vocabulary. Each child had the opportunity to share a book and to make and share some phonic games with their adult helper.

What a fun morning!

Year 5 Inspire Workshop

Busy working during Year 5's workshop.

10 October 2018

Year 5 held a workshop for parents and children.

We began by looking at children’s new planners which will support their learning and punctuality throughout the year. We then took part in a shared read (Stig of the Dump) where parents were able to read with their children and see their comprehension skills in action.

It was a fantastic morning and it was wonderful to see both the children and parents so engaged.

Chocolate Rush

The Chocolate Rush participants.

8 September 2018

Holy Family staff took part in the first ever ‘Chocolate 5k Obstacle Rush on Saturday in aid of Saint Mary’s Hospice.

So far we have managed to raise a whopping £380 and the total is still rising.

If you would like to help staff to reach their target of £500 and help to make a difference to those living with life-limiting illnesses, then please click on the link below:

First School Mass

5 September 2018

We gathered with the parishioners to celebrate our first Mass of the new school year.

We welcomed our new members of staff - Mrs Aldred, Mrs McHugh, Mr Magee and Miss Williams - and our new Reception children to the school. We also remembered our previous Year 6 class and the teachers that left us in July.

The Mass was led by the class teachers.

Year 5 Visit Small Heath Mosque

Year 5 learning about the Mosque.

5 July 2018

Year 5 spent the morning at Small Heath Mosque.

We received an informative talk from Mr Akhtar. The children learnt about the history of the Mosque and some key facts about Islam.

Year 5 were excellent representatives of Holy Family, showing great respect for this place of worship. They asked many thoughtful questions.

Many thanks to Mr Akhtar and the Mosque for allowing us to visit.

Year 4 Shakespeare Outreach Project

Year 4 in their Macbeth workshop.

4 July 2018

On Wednesday 4th July ten children from Year 4 had the opportunity to go to King Edwards in Edgbaston to take part in a Macbeth workshop, run by the young Shakespeare company.

They used their knowledge of Macbeth to help support the drama they acted out and to answer any questions that arose.

A good time was had by all.

Reception visit our Prayer Garden

Blowing bubbles in our Prayer Garden.

27 June 2018

On Wednesday 27th June we visited the prayer garden as part of our RE lesson.

During our lesson we blew bubbles to God, each bubble was a thank you to God for something in our lives that we are grateful for.

The children had some lovely personal intentions to offer and to say thank you to God for.

Well done Reception!

EYFS Sing-a-long for Parishioners

Our youngest children performing for parishioners.

21 June 2018

The youngest children in our school, Nursery and Reception performed beautifully in Church for our Parishioners. They sang the 'Hail Mary' in hymn accompanied by signs, 'If I were a butterfly,' and 'He’s got the whole world in his hands.'

God really did have 'Holy Family school in his hands today,' at this wonderful occasion.

Our parishioners complimented the children on their performance.

A Visit to Parliament

Year 6 outside the Houses of Parliament.

20 June 2018

On Wednesday 20th June our Year 6 class visited the Houses of Parliament in London.

We enjoyed a full tour of Westminster and got to see the House of Lords. We also worked in teams to create some campaigns relevant to our local area and school.

Finally we met with our local MP Jess Phillips who spoke to us about what it is like to be a Member of Parliament.

BCSSA Catholic Athletics Competition

Children at the Alexander Stadium.

18 June 2018

On Monday 18th June, 17 of our wonderful children competed at the BCSSA Catholic Athletics competition held at the fantastic Alexander Stadium.

The children were in awe of the surroundings, and tried their best in all activities. Ranging from Year 3 to Year 6, our children competed in events such as; sprinting, throwing and jumping.

Our children really enjoyed themselves and were an absolute credit to Holy Family. Well done!

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Supporting our Year 3 friends.

10 May 2018

Two children from Year 3 celebrated receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

All of the children in Year 3 have worked hard throughout the year to support their friends making this special Sacrament. They have been thinking about their choices, and whether or not they have always made the right ones.

Jesus taught us that God will forgive us if we are truly sorry for our sins.

Years 3 and 4 Tri Golf Competition

Some of our honesty badge winners.

26 April 2018

On Thursday 26th April 2018, ten children from Year 5/6 went to Hatchford Brook Golf Course to compete in the KS2 Tri-Golf tournament.

The children took part in a variety of mini-golf games, focusing on; hitting, striking, accuracy, putting and speed. All the activities that the children took part in were timed, meaning the children had to show tremendous teamwork to ensure the best possible scoring opportunities.

After two hours of great competition (and great smiles) our children were presented with silver medals! In total, we score 1,349 points, which was just 16 shy of the gold medallists! So close!

Throughout the competition, leaders were selecting children who were showing School Games Values; which in this case was the Honesty Badge. Here you can see just how many children earned a badge, a superb achievement that they should wear with pride!

Well done to all the children involved!

Making Valentine's Cards

Making Valentine's cards.

9 February 2018

On Friday 9th February 2018 the children from Year 2 to Year 6 produced some fantastic Valentine's cards for their families during their Spanish lessons.

Year 5 Inspire Workshop

Year 5 parents and children working together.

1 February 2018

On Thursday 1st February 2018 Year 5 held their Reading Inspire with their parents.

The children worked through a comprehension with their parents.

Year 5/6 Basketball Tournament

Our Basketball teams in action.

16 January 2018

On Tuesday 16th January, twelve Holy Family children attended a Year 5/6 Basketball tournament at Starbank School.

The children were split into two teams of six, where they faced a variety of different schools from the Central Sports Partnership. The main event however, was when the two Holy Family teams met each other!

Team B won 4-2, however both teams throughout the entire tournament behaved admirably. There was some fantastic dribbling, passing and shooting on display from all of our children. Their desire and cooperation was absolutely outstanding.

Golden Book Assembly

Celebrating our Golden Book winners.

22 December 2017

Today we joined as a school to celebrate the end of our Autumn term and find out who has been nominated for the Golden Book.

These children have all showed themselves to be excellent role models, followed the values and virtues we have been learning about and worked hard in their lessons.

Well done everyone.

Christmas Mass

Celebrating end of term Christmas Mass.

21 December 2017

Today the school and the parish joined together to celebrate our end of term Christmas Mass.

During this season of Advent, when we look forward to the festivities of Christmas, today’s Mass allowed us to remember the real story behind Christmas- the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It also allowed us to show the virtue of gratefulness to Father Philip and Sister Maura for all the support they have given us this last year.

Holy Family v St Peter and Paul

Our brave footballers.

27 November 2017

Nine KS2 children from Holy Family braved the atrocious weather conditions to compete in the Catholic Cup knockout tournament on Monday 27th November.

In the mud-bath, the children faced a tidy St Peter and Paul's side who moved the ball incredibly well considering the surface. Holy Family continued to chase and keep up their image of a proud and determined team. Although conceding goals, the children showed desire and determination and kept playing until the final whistle.

We wish St Peter and Paul all the best as they progress into the next round of the competition.

Well done to all of our children who represented Holy Family and our Catholic Values so well!

Holy Family Year 6 Catholic Cup Football Competition

Our tournament football players.

24 November 2017

On a bitterly cold Friday 24th November, nine Holy Family boys braved the weather conditions in a Year 6 Catholic Cup football competition. After playing five games admirably, the boys managed to secure a joint 2nd position overall.

We started slowly out of the blocks, and succumbed to our only defeat of the afternoon losing 1-0 to St Anne's.

However, a two game winning streak got us back on track; a 1-0 win against English Martyrs and a 2-1 win against Corpus Christi. A third game unbeaten was then secured after a 1-1 draw the Rosary. The final game of the afternoon saw a hard earned point with a 0-0 draw against St Cuthbert’s.

The boys played and behaved spectacularly. We now wait with crossed fingers to see if we progress into the regional finals!

Year 2 St Martin de Porres Feast Day

Year 2 enjoying their class saint's feast day.

3 November 2017

Year 2 have been celebrating their class saint's feast day. St Martin de Porres' feast day is 3rd November.

Year 2 celebrated by wearing their own clothes and having a party in the afternoon.

Year 6 Baptism Mass

Family members watch the baptism.

5 October 2017

Year 6 led a special mass where one of our family members was baptised and welcomed into God's family.

It was a lovely mass and we really enjoyed the opportunity of watching and taking part in such a special occasion.

Year 3 Inspire Workshop

Year 3 parents and children working together.

20 September 2017

Year 3 hosted a CLIC Inspire Workshop where parents and children worked together in developing mental arithmetic.

The session provided a great opportunity for parents to gain an insight into what the children learn in CLIC lessons.

Thank you to all of the parents that attended, Year 3 hope you found it a valuable experience.

Year 2's Talk on Argentina

Mr Timms talking to Year 2 about Argentina.

13 September 2017

Year 2 were very lucky to have a visitor come in and talk to them about his trip to Argentina. Mr Timms had toured around the country and came in to share his photos, artefacts and experiences with the children.

We all asked him questions and learnt a lot about this fascinating country.

We were very grateful to Mr Timms for giving up his time to come and talk to us.

Birmingham School Games Hockey Tournamet

Some of our hockey players displaying their skills.

20 September 2016

14 children from Years 5 and 6 competed in the Birmingham School Games KS2 Hockey Tournament on 20th September 2016 at Small Heath School.

Holy Family were split into two teams; Team 1 and Team 2.

Team 1: Team 1 showed a competitive edge but not quite the winning mentality to draw all three of their opening games. However they turned their fortunes around and won their last match of the day.

Team 2: Team 2 fared slightly better, winning two, drawing one and losing only one of their group stages matches. Thanks to their record, Holy Family (Team 2) progressed to the semi final heat, where they put in a battling performance but were pipped to the final by a last gasp winner from the opposing side.

Well done to all children involved - a sterling performance in the hockey and behaviour.

St Paul's Feast Day

Year 2 celebrating St Paul.

29 June 2016

Year 2 celebrated the Feast Day of their class saint – St. Paul.

They created prayers and art work based on their class motto: 'Faith, hope and love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.'

They completed a quiz about St. Paul and had a party in the afternoon.

Year 2 Visit the Life Caravan

Year 2 in the Life Caravan.

29 June 2016

In the life caravan, the children in Year 2 talked about the different feelings of people going to a party. They talked about how we can change other people's feelings.

They finished their session by singing a song with Harold.

Year 2 Inspire Workshop - Celebrating Differences

Year 2's colourful masks.

7 June 2016

Year 2 parents came to a meeting with Mrs O'Driscoll and Mrs Lloyd to learn about things which can affect children's learning and how children can be different.

After this, Year 2 joined them and listened to a story about Woodfer and Bramble – two squirrels who are very different. Woodfer is quiet and likes his own space and Bramble likes to chat and be around others. They talked about how we are all different.

To celebrate our differences, the children made colouring masks with their parents.

School Games KS2 Cricket Tournament

Our Key Stage 2 cricketers.

14 April 2016

Ten children from Years 4, 5 and 6 competed in the Birmingham School Games KS2 Cricket tournament on 14th April 2016 at Oasis Academy Hobmoor.

The children played two initial league games and emerged victorious in both:

League Match 1: 252 runs (Started on 200)
League Match 2: 231 runs (Started on 200)

Thanks to their two victories, Holy Family progressed to the semi final heat, where they put in a battling performance but eventually succumbed to their only loss of the day, just as the rain started to pour.

Semi Final Match: 221 runs (Started on 200)

Thanks to the children's work ethic and sporting image, Holy Family were given two 'Respect' badges, a core trait of the School Games' oath. Certificates and badges were handed out in celebration assembly.

Well done to all children involved, a sterling performance in the cricket and in behaviour.

Anneli Dance Workshops

The children enjoying the dance workshop.

26 February 2016

Kelly and Rachel from Anneli Education came in to work with each of the classes.

They created a dance with the classes to coincide with their themes ready for the teachers to continue in their following PE lessons.

Health For Life Award

Receiving our award from the Mayor.

26 January 2016

On Tuesday 26th January Holy Family Catholic school was awarded the Health for Life award.

Mrs King, Mrs Lloyd and four children went to the council house in Birmingham to meet the Mayor and collect this lovely plaque.

We received this as we have engaged pupils to adopt healthier, active lifestyles and have included it into our creative curriculum. This focus has been on healthy eating and cooking skills, growing food, physical activity and family involvement.

Father Hudson's Good Shepherd Appeal

Good Shepherd assembly.

22 January 2016

Today we had a visitor in our assembly who came to tell us all about the work of the Father Hudson charity.

We learnt about how we can help to raise money for this charity over Lent.

Year 3 and 4 Tennis Competition

Budding Wimbledon champions.

21 January 2016

Four children from Years 3 and 4 took part in a local school competition at Billesley tennis club.

The team played really well and because of this they received an award for team spirit and respect.

Go Orange for Muscular Dystrophy

We've been tango-ed!

22 December 2015

Today we wore orange to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK – a charity very close to the school's heart.

Mrs Young visited us in assembly and told us about the fantastic work the charity does.

We raised £100!

Carol Singing

Singing in the aisles!

16 December 2015

Today the choir and extras went to Asda to spread some festive joy by singing Christmas carols.

Year of Mercy

Listening to a message from the Bishop.

8 December 2015

Today we launched the Year of Mercy with an assembly.

During this assembly we listened to a message from the Bishop.

Festive Jumper Day

Look at our festive jumpers!

4 December 2015

Today the whole school raised money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital by bringing £1 into school and wearing our festive jumpers.

Remembrance Day

11 November 2015

On Wednesday morning the whole school gathered together to remember those that died in the wars; the school stopped at 11 am for a two minute silence.

One of our pupils, Zarin from Year 5, shared an appropriate poem that she had written, so that we could all think about the sacrifices that had been made.

A Visit from our Member of Parliament

Jess Phillips, our MP, speaks to the children.

23 October 2015

Today we had a visitor in assembly – Jess Phillips, our local Member of Parliament.

She came to tell us all about her job and what she does to help people who live in our constituency. She told us about the Houses of Parliament and what happens during debates. She also helped to launch our 'Take Over Day' which will happen in November.

Sifa Fireside Visit

Our visit to Sifa Fireside.

23 October 2015

On Friday 23rd October, children and parents visited Sifa Fireside, a Birmingham based charity improving health and inclusion for homeless people.

The children of Holy Family School demonstrated their generosity by donating food supplies, which were collected as part of their Harvest Festival Community Fundraising.

During the visit, the families were given a brief tour of the building and they witnessed what was in involved in supporting the most vulnerable adults in our society. These gifts were gratefully received by the organization and the children discovered that their contributions would make a difference to so many individuals now and in the future.

Football at Small Heath School

Our talented footballers.

5 October 2015

Our Year 3 and 4 footballers represented the school in a 5 a side completion on Monday 5th October at Small Heath Secondary School.

They did an extremely good job in representing Holy Family. They were recognised for their high level of conduct towards themselves and others and given medals for this wonderful achievement.

Summer Fayre

9 July 2015

On Thursday 9th July we had a spectacular summer fayre. Everyone enjoyed it the children, parents and teachers. Many people participated and attended and the weather was beautiful.

We had many stalls and activities such as:

  • Hook-a-duck
  • Guess the sweets in the jar
  • Name the bear
  • Tombola
  • Raffle
  • An incredible bouncy castle
  • Penalty shoot out
  • Chocolate fountain
  • And were also selling DVDs, books, stationary, sweets and many other goods.

I also got a few quotes from my classmates "It was a fantastic first and last summer fayre," Zishaan said. We all enjoyed it especially the Year 6 children because for us it was the last fundraising event.

by Umar, Year 6 Journalist

Visitors from Birds Bush School Council

9 July 2015

On Thursday 9th July, Birds Bush school council came to visit. Both school councils discussed what they have done in the past to improve their school and what they would do in the future to make their school and our school a better place to learn.

We organised an assembly especially for Bird Bush, even though we don't usually have an assembly on Thursday. We also explained that we are an anti bulling school and we treat each other as we would like to be treated.

We enjoyed a healthy school lunch together then played on the trim trail.

They loved coming to our school and we hope that we do something similar again. This has made our bond between the schools stronger and we hope that we were good hosts.

by Hassan, Year 6 Journalist

KS2 Trip to Conkers

Having fun at Conkers.

8 July 2015

On the 8th of July KS2 went to the end of year trip to Conkers in Derby. Conkers is an expedition helping you to experience nature in its own form and develop teamwork.

Conkers included a range of activities no matter the weather as they involved a variety of outdoor and indoor exercises and games.

With Conkers even lunch was fun as you got to sit in adventurous places or eat with the friendly ducks.

There were two adventure playgrounds (one inside the other out). The indoor playground was themed on forest as the outside was a general playground to have fun.

At Conkers we participated in a mini tour on a train ride across a section of their huge area, even the disabled got to ride the train as the train had their own section for them.

Conkers made learning fun as they include fun facts in the most exiting places children would like to go for example: the adventure playground and the fun facts area.

At Conkers we took part in the construction activity and made wooden scooters and got to ride them!

Over all Conkers was an amazing place to learn and have fun!

by Zahra, Year 6 Journalist

School Council Visit Bird's Bush Primary School

School Council members at Bird's Bush Primary School.

2 July 2015

On Thursday 2nd July, our School Councillors visited Bird's Bush Primary School in Staffordshire.

Both schools have been twinned together in order to learn about different regions in the West Midlands and to find our similarities and differences.

Miss L Guilder from Bird's Bush is in charge of their school council and Mrs J Lloyd is in charge of Holy Family's School Council.

During our visit we had a tour of the school and we were amazed at how much grass and fields they had! We visited lots of classrooms where they made us feel welcome by singing songs or reciting poetry to us.

We took part in one of their school assemblies where children received certificates just like they do at Holy Family School.

We look forward to welcoming them to Holy Family School next Thursday.

Speaking and Listening Workshop

Parents and children working together.

25 June 2015

On Thursday 25th June the whole school took part in an amazing speaking and listening workshop. Many parents attended which was nice of them.

We had many activities going on in the school like cooking, science, puppet pals, sports challenges and many, many more.

This experience is different from our usual educational workshops and this was extremely fun and exciting for not only the children, but the adults too.

This event was a great success and the school hopes to plan another one. Thank you to all the parents who partook in this inspire workshop. This was a very fun event for all children, parents, carers and teachers.

This event was a great success!

by Afeefah, Journalist

School Council's Trip to Parliament

19 June 2015

On Friday 19th June 2015 School Council went on a stunning trip to the House of Parliament.

We went on a train to London then we took the tube to Green Park where we sat on the benches to eat our lunches the school provided us with. The School council said, This is the best trip in the history of visits!”

Then we walked to the House of Parliament. After that we met our education teacher, Damien who showed us around the building of Parliament. We liked the House of Commons however we discovered we liked the House of Lords better although we weren't allowed to sit down on the seats (which was annoying).

Tahmed exclaimed, “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” We as a School council were very lucky to go on this expedition. As a school council member I am very grateful to go to this trip.

by Ahmad, Year 6 Journalist and School Council Vice-Chair

Year 6 at the Mad Museum

On the chain ferry at Stratford.

16 June 2015

On Tuesday 16th June Year 6 visited the MAD museum in Stratford-upon-Avon as part of their Science curriculum.

We looked at some amazing creations engineered out of various materials, we even got a chance to create our own! Check out an invention that some of the boys worked on here (external link).

To top it off we got to cross the River Avon on the oldest chain ferry in the UK and had lunch in the park!

Thank you to Miss Walker for organising this trip.

Islam Presentation

Our pupils giving their presentation on Islam.

15 June 2015

On Monday 15th June Holy Family children were invited to St. Gerard's School to talk to their Year 5 children about Islam.

Our pupils prepared an amazing presentation and spoke so confidently about their faith.

All at St. Gerard's were really impressed and we were incredibly proud. Well done!

Tag Rugby Competition

Tag Rugby competitors.

9 June 2015

On Tuesday 9th June, we took a group of our Year 5 and 6 children to represent Holy Family in a local Tag Rugby competition to play against other schools.

Despite not having much experience in playing Tag Rugby they played some great rugby and won two of their games.

Well done to all of those children involved.

Cricket Tournament

Our cricketers.

8 June 2015

On Monday 8th June a team of Cricketers went to Solihull Blossomfield Cricket Club to represent Holy Family in cricket tournament arranged by Warwickshire CCC.

The boys competed fantastically well and demonstrated excellent sporting attitudes. Well done boys.

Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day

Enabling Enterprise participants.

5 June 2015

On Friday 5th June Years 3, 4 and 6 took part in an exciting Enabling Enterprise day.

The day started with an assembly to launch the challenge then continued throughout the day with classes forming different political parties. Each party worked on their ideas to make the country better and pitched them to the rest of the class to win votes.

Through the process children experienced and learned a great deal about the principles of Democracy.

Year 6 trip to Drayton Manor

Year 6 at a quiet Drayton Manor.

18 May 2015

On Monday 18th May Year 6 went to Drayton Manor to celebrate finishing our SATs.

Everyone enjoyed it, the majority of us liked these two particular rides: Storm Force 10 and the Buffalo. Unfortunately, we all got completely drenched but the main thing was that we found it really fun and enjoyable.

Despite the wet and murky weather we all still enjoyed this magnificent trip. The good thing about the rain however, was that there were no queues. No queues in Drayton manor!

by Afeefah, Year 6 Journalist

Stick Insect

Oak, the stick insect.

15 May 2015

Oak, one of Year 5's pet stick insects, shed his skin last night and has grown about a cm since yesterday.

Isn't he getting big!

The other 4 have got some catching up to do now!

Enabling Enterprise at Aston University

Children at Aston University.

28 April 2015

Ten Year 3 and ten Year 6 children went to Aston University to work with the Enabling Enterprise team.

They worked in mixed teams with children from another school to design a business card for Aston University.

The winning team was 'Neat 'n' tidy'.

Anti-Bullying Production

Anti-Bullying production at school.

27 April 2015

On the 27th April we welcomed Firehouse Productions into Holy Family to share with the school their production of 'Sticks and Stones'.

This focussed on many of the issues around bullying including name calling and cyber bullying.

The children really enjoyed the production and are now even more confident with what to do if they see bullying happening.

Year 6 Explore Aston Hall

Year 6 at Aston Hall.

15 April 2015

On Wednesday 15th April we (Year 6) went to Aston Hall it was terrifying and quite spooky.

Although we really enjoyed it, inside were some very scary rooms. Aston Hall really does have some paranormal activity.

The first owner of Aston Hall, Sir Thomas Holte was famous for his bad-temper. We heard some very interesting stories there but we don't want to give too much away.

We were all very scared, if you go you'll have nightmares about it for the rest of your life.

by Umar, Year 6 Journalist

Teachers Working with Sports Coaches

Teachers and Coaches working together.

15 April 2015

Teachers have been working alongside our Sports Coaches throughout the Spring Term to help the children develop their Gymnastic skills.

Each class worked on creating some fantastic sequences with expert guidance.

Jaguar Challenge

The Jaguar challengers.

13 April 2015

On Monday 13th April Aamer from Jaguar Landrover came to work with our Jaguar challenge after-school club to offer some engineering advice before our big regional final competition.

Sponsored Skip for the British Heart Foundation

Getting ready to skip.

26 March 2015

On Thursday 26th March we raised money for the British Heart Foundation.

We all participated in it by skipping and asking for sponsors.

In the afternoon, our sports coaches came in to check how many times we could skip in 30 seconds. We all did very well and raised around £800, some of which we hope to put towards buying a school defibrillator.

by Umar, Year 6 Journalist

Easter Bonnet Parade

Colourful Easter bonnets.

25 March 2015

On Wednesday 25th March we came together as a school to celebrate our annual Easter Bonnet Parade.

We had some wonderful creations from all the classes and great support from our parents.

Well done to our eventual overall winner – Nishat from Year 2.

Football Tournament

Our gallant footballers.

24 March 2015

On Tuesday 24th March Football Team competed in the quarter finals of the HMS Shield Birmingham Cup.

Our team tried their absolute hardest but unfortunately they lost out to a very good Oratory Team.

We couldn't have asked for anymore, they were so determined that they were drenched with sweat by the end!

Science Club Liquid Experiments

Liquid experiments in Science Club.

24 March 2015

On Tuesday 24th March the children in Key Stage 2 continued their fantastic work in their Science Club.

This week they focussed on investigating different types of liquids.

School Twinning Project

19 March 2015

We are pleased to announce that Holy Family are going to be linked with a school in Staffordshire, called Bird's Bush Primary School. You can see their website at (external link).

This project will involve the school councils from each school in the first instance.

Year 5 at the Thinktank

Year 5 pupils at the Thinktank.

17 March 2015

On Tuesday 17th March, as part of Science and Engineering week, Year 5 enjoyed a great visit to Birmingham Thinktank Science Museum.

We explored all the different areas, learned loads about different areas of science, investigated solids, liquids and gases in the lab and got wet in the science garden.

What a great day!

Animals in Hand Workshop

Children stroke the chinchilla.

16 March 2015

On Monday 16th March, Key Stage 2 had an Animals in Hand workshop as part of Science week.

We learned how to classify animals into vertebrate and invertebrate. We then had an opportunity to touch and hold animals from some of the different classification groups. These included a snake, a preying mantis, a scorpion, a lizard and a chinchilla.

Bloodhound Project

Designing our cars.

13 March 2015

On Friday 13th of March 2015 our Jaguar challenge teams from Year 6 and 5 went to the Aston School of Engineering to find out more about the Bloodhound project.

First, we looked at how the car will be made and looked and felt at the materials of the car.

Next, we made cars out of Kinex and raced them the girls team (wonder women) won! The team will have their names on the Blood hound car how exciting!

After that, we tried out 3D printing by cutting out pieces of foam and sticking them together. The machine was really fast and skilled but sadly we will never own one because they cost a fortune!

Over all the project was really fun and interesting and we will look forward if we have another amazing opportunity to go again.

by Zahra H, Year 6 Journalist

Wow Science and Engineering Assembly

Wow Science Assembly.

13 March 2015

On Friday 13th March the whole school enjoyed a 'Wow' science assembly to kick off Science and Engineering Week.

Cool Pete showed us lots of fun and engaging science experiments, including a couple of explosions!

School Council Joint Meeting

School Councillors in action.

12 March 2015

On Thursday 12th March the School Councils of Holy Family and St. Bernadette's came together for their first joint council meeting.

The main item on the agenda was to discuss ways in which we could make a real positive difference to our shared Parish and Community.

Fantastic ideas were shared and discussed, some of which will be shared with Father Phillip at our next meeting.

Year 3 Inspire Workshop

Parents working with Year 3.

10 March 2015

On Tuesday 10th March Year 3 welcomed their parents into school to work with them on a fantastic Inspire Workshop based on internet safety and reading comprehension skills.

Thank you to all parents for your support.

Holy Communion Meeting

Parents joined the children at school.

10 March 2015

On Tuesday 10th March we welcomed in parents into school to work with their children who will be making their First Holy Communion this Summer.

Sister Maura also helped with some of the activities as the children prepared for their special sacrament.

World Book Day

Dressed up for World Book Day.

5 March 2015

On Thursday 5th March Holy Family enjoyed a fantastic World Book Day. To celebrate this everyone came to school dressed as their favourite book character, including Miss Johnson as Willy Wonka!

The children took part in various book day activities throughout the day such as reading with younger buddies and listening to stories from famous authors.

Thank you to Mrs King for all her hard work organising this.

Year 4's Construction Challenge at Birmingham Library

4 March 2015

On the 4th March, ten of our Year 4 children visited Birmingham Library for an exciting day of team building and tackling of challenges. Two of our boys were part of the winning team that designed and built the best bridge.

The children were a credit to Holy Family. Well done!

You can read more about it on the Enabling Enterprise website (external link).

Year 5 Villa Vitality

Year 5 at Villa Park.

3 March 2015

Year 5 had a great day on 3rd March at Villa Park. We toured the stadium, created a radio broadcast promoting healthy living, worked out in the gym and made some tasty salad.

It was a fantastic day!.

Year 2 Meet the Animal Man

Making animal friends.

27 February 2015

On Friday 27th February, as part of their topic work, Year 2 welcomed the Animal Man into school to look at a range of nocturnal animals.

The children had a great time meeting the different animals and finding out lots of facts to help with their writing.

The Importance of Lent

Father Phillip talks about Lent.

26 February 2015

On Thursday 26th February Fr Phillip came into school to speak to the children about the importance of Lent.

He spoke about how we should follow the example of Jesus and think about others less fortunate than ourselves during this time.

Science Club Begins

Children in Science Club.

24 February 2015

On Tuesday 24th February our wonderful new Science club started.

The children had great fun building their rockets and then launching them on the school playground! Next week is 'Cool Crystals' and the group are eagerly waiting to find out what they will learn and do next.

KS1 Drama Club

Drama skills on show.

24 February 2015

On Tuesday 24th February our Key Stage 1 children enjoyed their first Drama session with Miss Ryan.

The children took part in lots of different activities and demonstrated some wonderful speaking and listening skills.

Year 4 Visited the Synagogue

Year 4 at the Synagogue.

9 February 2015

On 9th February, Year 4 visited the central synagogue in Birmingham.

We were taken into the main prayer room where we got to see a torah, bimah, everlasting light, ark and a yad which are important Jewish artefacts. We also learned about Jewish traditions and about the life of a Jew.

The visit was very interesting and enjoyable.

Celebrating Mass with the Parish

Parishioners join us at school.

4 February 2015

Today we celebrated Mass in the school hall with the parishioners. The theme of the Mass was the Holy Family and we especially remembered Sister Maura.

After Mass the parishioners and Father Philip enjoyed a cup of tea and a piece of cake with staff and governors.

Some of the parishioners commented after Mass:

"It's lovely to be in school and share Mass with the children. It's lovely to have a cup of tea."

"It's nice to see the children participate in Mass."

Music For Youth Concert

The concert at Symphony Hall.

2 February 2015

On 2nd February, Year 3 and 4 went on a trip to the Symphony Hall for a 'Music for Youth' Concert.

The concert allowed us to experience live music performed by a range of young musicians in the concert hall. We listened to orchestras, drummers, choirs, violinists and jazz bands and we were encouraged of join in at different parts.

We really enjoyed the visit.

SEND Parents' Workshop

Parents and pupils discuss SEND.

30 January 2015

On Friday 30th January a group of parents and pupils, together with our SEN governor, joined a workshop to look at the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities section of our school website.

Their comments and ideas were very useful. We are now working towards making some changes to the website.

Explore Learning

Exploring maths problems.

22 January 2015

On Thursday 22nd January 'Explore Learning' came to visit us in Year 5.

We took part in some problem solving involving measures and fractions. It was tricky, but we preserved and found the answers!

Indoor Tennis Competition

A future tennis superstar?

11 December 2014

On Thursday 11th December Holy Family took part in an indoor tennis tournament against 10 other schools.

Despite the standard being incredibly high, two pupils from Year 6 together with two from Year 5 played fantastic tennis to finish second overall.

They were a credit to the school.

Archbishop Ilsley Maths Challenge

Competing in the maths challenge.

10 December 2014

On Wednesday 10th December four of our excellent mathematicians from Year 5 and Year 6 competed against eight other schools in Archbishop Ilsley's annual Primary Maths Challenge.

They had to take part in rounds such as Blockbusters and Catchphrase along with working together to create a Dodecahedron from pieces of A4 card.

Well done to the four of our pupils for representing the school so well.

Year 6 Visit Birmingham's New Library

Year 6 at the new Library in Birmingham.

22 October 2014

On Wednesday 22nd October our Year 6 children visited Birmingham Library.

This trip was a part of the activities that Holy Family have been taking part in as part of Book Week celebrations.

The children got a chance to read some of their favourite books and enjoyed lunch on the rooftop terrace.

Year 4 Visit Small Heath Library

Learning about Mary Seacole at Small Heath Library.

22 October 2014

On Wednesday 22th October, during No Pen Day, Year 4 visited Small Heath Library.

We were given a tour of the Library and were told how to become a member. We then had a chance to choose some books to read in the children's corner.

The librarian then read us a story before taking us into another room to watch a short documentary about Mary Seacole, as it is Black History Month.

We really enjoyed our visit.

Year 5's Citizenship Workshop

Year 5 learn about Citizenship.

29 September 2014

On Monday 29th September, Year 5 took part in a workshop all about the importance of Citizenship.

Year 4 Maths Inspire Workshop

Children and families working together.

23 September 2014

On Tuesday 23rd September Year 4 welcomed their parents into school to work with them on some Maths problems using our new visual calculation policy.

Free the Children

Working with Jacob from Free the Children.

22 September 2014

On Monday 22nd September we had a very special visitor into school.

Jacob from Free the Children spoke to the whole school about children who are hungry and less fortunate than us and then worked with Year 5 to come up with an action plan to raise awareness and money for children across the world.

Year 6 Bikeability

Year 6 learning about bike safety.

22 September 2014

During the week beginning 22nd September 2014, Year 6 have been working on their bike skills learning to safely ride their bikes on the road.

Warwickshire County Cricket Finals

Members of the cricket team.

17 March 2014

On the 17th March Holy Family competed against other regional winners in the Warwickshire County Cricket Final.

The standard of cricket was extremely high and the boys did fantastically well to come third overall.

The boys were a credit to the school, demonstrating great attitudes and sportsmanship. We are extremely proud of them, well done!

Parents Join Children for Lunch

Parents and children sharing lunch together.

5 November 2013

During the last week in October, parents joined their children for lunch to enjoy food prepared by Mrs Burgundy and Mrs Flynn.

Everyone enjoyed their lovely cooked dinners!