Special Event - Reception at Sarehole Mill

8 May 2019

Reception visited Sarehole Mill. What a wonderful place we have right in our home city of Birmingham. There has been a mill on this site since 1542, but the current building dates from the mid-18th Century.

The mill has two waterwheels, one of which has until recently been operational and used to grind wheat. Sarehole wholemeal flour is sold from the mill shop.

We listened to the story of The Little Red Hen and acted out the story as we went along. The story tells us about the process of making bread. We enjoyed taking part in thrashing the wheat, grinding the corn and sieving the flour. We really liked blowing away the chaff.

We had a walk around the pond. Water mills need a good water source and this pond is huge! Years ago it was even bigger!

Thank you to the staff at Sarehole Mill – we have really enjoyed learning all about watermills and making bread. Our favourite part was eating it when we got back to school! Yum, yum!