Special Event - Reception Meet the Hay Mills Fire Fighters

4 February 2019

Hay Mills crew visited Reception in school on Monday 4th February. They introduced themselves in the hall and had a quick chat with us about fire safety. They were impressed with our knowledge and especially with our stop, drop and rolls.

They came to school in their fire engine – they were on call so the fire engine was ready to go! The children have been very interested about the fire engine and fire fighters being ready to attend emergencies and have role played ringing the fire bell and timing how quickly we can dress in fire fighter clothing and get into the fire engine.

They told us all about their equipment and explained how they use them in a real emergency. The children were able to sit inside the fire engine and try on some of the equipment and clothing.

The children had a wonderful time meeting real fire fighters, getting to know the fire engine and asking lots of questions. In the words of Zayaan, "it was the best day ever."