Special Event - Christmas at the Pantomime

13 December 2017

The children in classes Years 2 to 6 were very excited on Wednesday 13th December at the prospect of going to see the Pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk in the Core Theatre, Solihull.

Three coaches arrived at the school just after lunchtime to transport children and staff to the theatre. We were all seated comfortably by 1.30 eagerly awaiting the curtain to rise. Wow, what a dramatic start, lots of singing, dancing and of course it was very, very loud.

Jack Trot and his mum who, being completely broke are forced to sell their beloved cow at market. When Jack meets a mysterious stranger he makes a deal but, oh dear, his mum is furious!

Jack goes on a silly, sparkling musical rollercoaster ride of excitement in this fun, action-packed pantomime starring Malcolm Stent .As with all pantomimes, the love story unfolded between Jack and Tilly Trump; Jack was very brave climbing the beanstalk to slay the giant and of course, he won Tilly Trump's hand in marriage and as in all pantomimes they lived 'happily ever after'.

Holy Family joined in with the booing, hissing and of course singing. Some of the children joined Malcolm on stage to celebrate their birthday; others joined in with the festive singing. Oh yes they did! What fun we had.

We were sad to learn that this was Malcolm’s panto finale - Jack and the Beanstalk after an amazing 27 year pantomime run.

We are grateful to all those involved in making this experience possible.