Special Event - Year 5 at the Islamic Exhibition

5 March 2019

On March 5th, we had the opportunity to visit The Islamic Exhibition Centre. We visited the Islamic Exhibition in order to learn more about the Islamic Faith.

After travelling to the Exhibition, we watched an introductory film which gave us an insight to what we would be learning during our visit. After this, we were divided into two groups and we visited a variety of different sections such as Islam and Science, Faith and History and The Five Pillars of Islam. Each section was very informative and we learned many new things.

Shortly after this, we gathered together once more and we could ask questions about the Islamic faith.

During our visit we learned about the Five Pillars of Islam which is what Muslims believe in. We also learned how many prophets there were that Allah had sent. Another thing that we learned was that if you are a Muslim you need to use a small percentage of your earnings to help others in need.

We really enjoyed the visit to the Islamic Exhibition and learned a lot of information about the Islamic Faith.

Written by Year 5