Special Event - Celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany

7 January 2020

We celebrated a wonderful service in church, the Feast of the Epiphany in which the staff and children shared the readings and singing.

As we celebrate this feast, we think of the wise men who were on a difficult journey of faith to see the baby Jesus. As we know they faced many obstacles on their journey, including the danger and discomfort involved in traveling a long distance.

Father asked lots of questions, including who were Jesus’ first visitors.(shepherds) He went on to discuss the meaning of the gifts that the three wise men presented - the valuable gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh.

The gift of gold was the gift people usually gave to their King. By giving gold they were recognising Jesus as their King.

The second gift, frankincense, is a white gum from a tree which when hardened will burn giving off a fragrant smell. It was burnt as an offering to God during worship, used as a medicine and a perfume.

The third gift, myrrh, also a gum from thorny tree was used for healing wounds because it is antiseptic, soothes redness and relieves pain. This is a reminder of the suffering that Jesus later encounters in his life as a grown up.

Father also reminded us that despite the fact that decorations were starting to come down from shops, it is very much still the season of Christmas and we recognise that still in our learning during the school day this week.

Sr Maura asked us to see if we noticed something different about the crib as we left church. Who had recently arrived to see the baby Jesus? They were definitely not there last week!