Special Event - World Earth Day

22 April 2021

The Nursery children were very interested in looking at Planet Earth and curious to explore space and the concept of living on a Planet. We are explored the globe together and individually, to learn that Earth is made up of the land and the sea. "Wow it’s water, Planet Earth has water."

The children continued to develop their learning by sorting the animals (outside in the Prayer garden), where we thanked God for the animals and the Earth. We made a promise to look after the world - the children liked the concept that animals cannot speak and therefore should be looked after. "We can help by planting food!"

We have been planting seeds as part of our outdoor learning, observing and making predictions. We made three on our hands to help us to recall three things our seeds will need soil, sun and water. The children then accessed the animals indoors in provision, created their own land and water and sorted the animals. The children used the clipboards to Mark make.

We painted the Earth after studying space and learning about what Earth consists of. "Wow this Earth is special!", "We live on the green and blue Planet."

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