Special Event - Year 3 Trip to Coventry Cathedral

3 July 2018

On Tuesday 3rd July, Year 3 visited Coventry Cathedral.

As Coventry is Year 3’s summer topic, it was a fantastic way to introduce children to the infamous Cathedral that had sadly been destroyed in WW2, otherwise known as The Blitz. Coventry is Mr Craggs’ hometown, but thankfully his house is still standing.

Children experienced what it would like to be a child in the 1940’s, with strict teachers and dreaded blackboards! They learnt how housewives would take care of their families during the war. We also saw a small air raid shelter where families would have to hide in during the air raids.

After our interactive activities, children were brought into the old Cathedral (The Ruins) to see how the bombs had destroyed some of the architecture. Right next to the ruins was the new cathedral. A stunning piece of architecture with beautiful stained glass windows designed and made by John Piper.

The children had a fantastic day and learnt a wealth of new information about their neighbouring city. Well done Year 3 for a fantastic day!