Special Event - Year 6 at Cannock Chase Museum

27 September 2019

On Friday 27 September, Year 6 travelled to Cannock Chase Museum to learn more about WWII.

During the trip, the children had a chance to experience what life was like on the Home Front, which helped them to understand more about Britain’s past.

They looked at the interactive rationing displays and thought about what it was like living on rationed food. Also, the children took part in a mock air raid and blackout which made them realise how frightening and dangerous it was for people during these raids.

Another activity that the children participated in was where they re-enacted what it was like to be an evacuee away from their home living with strangers.

It was wonderful to be able to look at the fantastic collection of artefacts and this knowledge will deepen the children’s understanding of what life was like during WWII.