Special Event - Archaeology Workshops

4 February 2020

We found out that archaeology is the study of human activity in the past through the recovery and analysis of materials such as bones and objects that belonged to humans.

We found out that at Park Street, where the new HS2 train station is being built, archaeologists have found many bones because the area used to be a cemetery many years ago. They have also found coins, bricks, personal objects such as jewellery and shoes and fabric such as pillows.

We then became archaeologists ourselves. Firstly, we looked at the skeleton in front of us and carefully we sketched it in the position that we found it in. We then made observations about the preservation of the bones, noticing any stains on them. We measured the femur of the skeletons and multiplied this by 3.41 to give us an estimation for the height of the people these skeletons belonged to. Then we made observations of the angle of the sciatic notch by the pelvis bone to determine whether the skeletons were male or female.