Special Event - Trips to Ackers

20 to 22 June 2018

Children from Year 3 pursued their outdoor alter-egos and took part in a variety of outdoor and adventurous activities.

After a short 20 minute walk to Ackers Adventure, children hit the artificial slopes for their first every skiing lesson. Our children managed to dab, tap their toes and complete the infamous ‘Fortnite dance’ whilst skiing.

After this, children attempted rock climbing and abseiling. All children reached the top! Fantastic effort! Finally, our children embarked on a jungle trail, with lots of wobbly bridges, narrow beams and slippery slides.

Year 3 were beaming all day, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They were are an absolute credit to the school. Well done Year 3!


Year 2 loved their trip to the Ackers this week. We all tried every activity, and supported each other even if things were hard.

We enjoyed climbing walls so much. The children cheered each other on and were great at the shark challenge. Then we completed the jungle adventure, helping each other along all of the tricky obstacles. After lunch, we tried skiing and tobogganing, which was so much fun!


On Thursday 21st June Year 1 visited Ackers Adventure Park. The weather was particularly kind, no rain or burning sunshine just pleasantly warm and cloudy. This meant that the children could just concentrate on the activities and they did this with passion!

We had tobogganing, skiing, wall climbing and the jungle challenge. They approached each activity very positively, listened carefully to the instructors and followed all of their instructions perfectly. This meant all of the children achieved at all of the activities – even the climbing wall which was very high.

Everybody had a great day and came back to school very, very tired but happy. Year 1 were a pleasure to be with and watching their confidence grow throughout the day as they tackled the activities was delightful to see.