Year 5

In Year 5 our class motto is: 'For it is giving that we receive!'

We have taken this motto from the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi, as he is our Class Saint and we look up to him as an excellent role model to help us to live more like Christ. We understand that he is talking about giving of ourselves to others and having and generous attitude. We will work hard this year to put our motto into action to be a loving and generous class.

Also, in the light of what we have learned from Saint Francis of Assisi, we believe in Year 5 that every child has to right to be: loved, heard, respected, cared for, treated kindly and helped. Therefore our class rules (which we agreed together) reflect this and we strive each day to live them out.

These are the rules we follow:

  1. Be aware of other people's feelings.
  2. Be polite and use manners.
  3. Work as a team.
  4. Try our best and think big.
  5. Listen.
  6. Stay positive.
  7. Keep our classroom clean and tidy.

We are proud to be members of Holy Family Catholic Primary school and, with the help of our teachers, each day we work hard to be the best that we can be. In the words of our saint we will: “Start by doing what is necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly [we will be] doing the impossible!”

Find out what we are learning in Year 5: