Mrs Jones, Chair of Governors.

My name is Joyce Jones and I am proud to serve Holy Family Catholic School as Chair of Governors. The main aims of our Governing Body are:

  • To support our parents in the religious formation of their children.
  • To ensure that every child receives a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To support our teaching staff as they strive to ensure that all our children achieve their academic best while also nurturing the special gifts and talents bestowed on them by God.

We do this in different ways:

  • Monitoring the Catholic Life of the school and standards of attainment in RE.
  • Monitoring the academic performance and progress of all our pupils particularly key groups of children.
  • Monitoring the health, safety and welfare of children in our school.
  • Ensuring high quality continuing professional development for our teaching staff.
  • Utilising funding and resources effectively to meet the needs of our children.
  • Prioritising whole school needs and planning ahead to ensure the school continues on its path of year on year improvement.

Our Governing Body is made up of our representatives of all the key groups involved in our school – parents, staff, the community and the Church. Some are appointed and some are elected and all serve for a term of four years.

The full Governing Body and Finance & Staffing Committee meet at least once each term. We have sub groups which meet as required and focus on Health & Safety and the Curriculum. We have designated Governors for SEN and Child Protection.

If you would be interested in serving on the Governing Body please contact me through the school office. The Governing Body is also keen to hear your views and you can contact me through the school by letter or telephone.

Mrs Joyce Jones
Chair of Governors

Members of our Governing Body

Name Title/Role Committees Class Link Term Ends
Mrs J Jones Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor Finance/ Curriculum/ SEN Link Year 4 2019
Mrs P Bhaker Foundation Governor Maths Link Reception 2018
Mrs C Edwards Foundation Governor PE Link Year 2 2019
Mr P Gray Foundation Governor Curriculum/RE Link Year 5 2017
Fr P Griffin Foundation Governor Finance Year 3 2018
Mrs J Collins Foundation Governor Curriculum Year 4 2021
Mrs K Meehan Foundation Governor Curriculum/ Literacy/EYFS Year 1 2018
Mrs S Ahmad Parent Governor Science Link Nursery 2019
Mr G Ahmed Vice Chair, Parent Governor Finance/ Safeguarding/ Computing Link Year 6 2018
Mrs V Gibbons Associate Governor     2017
(vacancy) LA Governor     -
Mr P Foley Headteacher Finance/ Curriculum   -
Mrs P King Staff Governor Curriculum   2020
Mrs C Jukes Clerk to the Governors     -

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The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school.

Governor Profiles

Mrs Sameira Ahmed

I have been a parent governor since 2016. I have two children who both attend Holy Family Catholic School.

I wanted to be a governor to ensure that children were able to get the very best possible start to their education and create a positive and enjoyable environment where they can develop and build on their strengths. I also wanted to develop a better understanding of how the school operates and help in improving any areas going forward. I have achieved this through regular visits to the school, meeting regularly with my link subject leader and engaging with the community.

I am pleased with the school’s dedication, hard work and encouragement which has made a positive impact on the school. Education is so important and I am excited about contributing to the success of the school.

Mrs Pauline Bhaker

I have been a Foundation Governor at Holy Family school since 2014. At present I am the link governor for Mathematics and I also sit on the Curriculum and Standards Committee. My connection with the school and the parish community dates as far back as 2002. I have had two daughters that have flourished from their experience attending the school.

I have a degree in Social Policy and Economics. My work background has primarily been in Retail finance and Human resources which I did for 12 years. However, my time for a while now has been at home with my family. Fortunately, this has given me a good insight into the life of the school academically, spiritually and socially.

As Foundation Governor my main role is to ensure the school is successful at meeting the needs of every child and achieving their highest standards. I also have a responsibility in supporting the school in maintaining its catholic ethos and nature. We recognise the uniqueness of every child and we serve all. I am passionate about education and it is at the heart of everything I do. This passion will allow me to support the school to achieve the best for our children.

Mrs Julie Collins

I consider that it is a privilege to be a Foundation governor at Holy Family School. I joined the governing body in March 2017.

I am married with two grown up children and 6 grandchildren. Both my children were educated in Catholic Schools before going to university, and the 4 of my grandchildren, who are of school age, are also at Catholic schools in Leicester.

I have been involved in Catholic education all my working Life. I was DH in St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School in Small Heath for 5 years before taking up the post of HT of a Catholic School in Tamworth Staffordshire. Since leaving headship I have been involved in school improvement work in a variety of schools.

I know Holy Family is a school where children and families are valued and are at the heart of everything in school. The HT and his staff are committed to ensuring the well being, and best education possible, for all the children in their care. I hope I will be able to support the HT and his staff to ensure the very best for the children of Holy Family School in every aspect of their school life.

Mrs Cheryl-Ann Edwards

I am a Foundation Governor at Holy Family School and have been since April 2015. I worship at Holy Family Church and became interested when Fr mentioned that there were places for Governors at the school. I had previously been a Governor at a nursery school and am particularly passionate about children having the opportunity to enjoy learning from a young age.

I am proud of the fact that Holy Family school maintains a true Catholic ethos and expects those children attending to actively participate in the values and morals underpinning our belief. I am sure that this is why so many choose to send their children to our lovely school rather than others in the locality.

I have recently taken on the role of Link Governor for Religious Education at the school. I am looking forward to spending some time learning about collective worship as well as ways in which we support the small number of Catholic children to grow in their understanding and commitment to their faith. I am also a member of the Curriculum and Standards sub-committee.

Overall my vision is that Holy Family school continues to build on the wonderful work it already does to ensure that each and every child achieves their best and enjoys their learning in the process. I work within the locality as a Probation Officer with the aim of rehabilitating those who , for whatever reason, have taken the wrong path. My background is in Social Work and teaching English to the Asian community.

Another passion of mine is community integration and working towards a more tolerant and loving society. If we educate children from a young age in this regard they will hopefully go on to be loving, caring and fulfilled adults.

Mrs Val Gibbons

I am extremely proud to be a governor of Holy Family Catholic School. Education is my passion as I enjoy seeing children learn and develop within a caring and safe environment – education is their key to success in life.

My whole life centres around the Holy Family Parish and School. I was born in St Benedict’s Road and was baptised at Holy Family Church. Our family then moved to Monica Road and I together with my four sisters and brother attended this school for our primary education. I received the sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confession and also my Confirmation here too. I then moved on to secondary education at a Catholic school.

After leaving school I worked for one of the leading Banks for 10 years. When I got married it was of course at Holy Family Church! I have two daughters and a grandson. When my daughters were young I worked part time in the evenings for the Adult Education Service, alongside obtaining word processing qualifications which were new at that time! My daughters attended the parish nursery schools one at St Bernadette’s Nursery and the other at our Nursery here at Holy Family.

When my daughters were both at school I applied for a part time clerical position here at Holy Family School and got it! I have been working here ever since, a total of 24 years as I love my job! To have daily contact with the children, staff and parents is very rewarding and worthwhile and allows me to ‘give back’ to the community that gave so much to me.

I do believe that every child deserves a quality education and my role in school alongside the senior leadership team allows me to ensure that we utilise the resources available to us effectively to achieve that aim. We only get one chance at education and here at Holy Family we endeavour to ensure that what we offer the children in our care prepares them spiritually, emotionally and intellectually for their and their children’s future.

Fr Philip Griffin

I have been parish priest of Holy Family Parish since 2013. I have been a priest for 20 years and in that time have been a governor in both Catholic primary and secondary schools. I have also been a University Chaplain and Chaplain to a Young Offenders Prison!

My primary concern is to maintain the Catholic ethos of the school, supporting staff and pupils in all aspects of school life. My interests are music (especially opera), history, reading and cooking. I have a faithful companion - my dog called Henry.

Mrs Joyce Jones

Before I retired I worked at Holy Family Catholic School for 19 years so I have a good understanding of the whole school community.

I became chair of Governors in September 2017, having been a Foundation Governor for two years. Before that, banking was my career. I am on the Finance and Staffing Committee, the Learning and Standards committee and I am the link governor for SEND.

I am proud to be a governor at such a unique and lovely school where every child is loved and nurtured, and where the Catholic ethos is evident and every faith is recognised and valued.

I am married and have three grown up children and two grandchildren. I enjoy reading, singing in a choir and spending time with family and friends.

Mrs Pauline King

I became Staff Governor at Holy Family in April 2016; an honour and a delight to serve our school community.

I am part of a dedicated team at Holy Family School. I have enjoyed fulfilling roles at every phase taught in school since becoming a newly qualified teacher in 1993. Becoming a member of the governing body has added a new dimension to my role as Deputy Headteacher and created further opportunities to make a difference to our childrens’ education. I enjoy and thrive on the challenge that comes with every aspect of school life and I am passionate about high quality education and each and every child reaching their full potential.

There is nothing more rewarding than children who are buzzing about learning and being the best that they can be; fully engaged in their education and spiritual learning. Being part of a team that is a catalyst for this is the best job in the world!

We celebrate cultural diversity at Holy Family School with a common sense of purpose for the faith life and ethos of the school. As a teacher and governor, I feel that we contribute to the spiritual development of children and staff that reinforces our school‘s mission statement.

Our hard working staff, Holy Family Church, our local community and our sister school work hard to integrate as a family, developing socially responsible and caring individuals who, in time, look back on their primary school years with fondness, pride and respect. Pupils are keen to revisit the school and update us with their achievements in life and learn about the new goings on in Holy Family.

Mrs Katherine Meehan

I have been a Foundation Governor at Holy Family for the last 4 years. Prior to that I taught at the school for almost 30 years, during which time all four of my children came through the school. They look back on their time at Holy Family with very fond memories.

My connection with Holy Family goes back as far as the 1950’s when my mother-in-law taught at the school. My husband and his brothers were also pupils here in the 1960’s. So you could say Holy family is in my blood.

I am fully aware of the very hard work staff put in towards developing and nurturing their pupils. As a governor, I hope to play a part in continuing to make Holy Family a safe and happy place for your children and to do what I can to promote the well being of children and staff in these demanding times. I am currently a member of the Curriculum Committee and link governor for English and Foundation Stage.

Mrs Linda Mockler

I am a recently retired teacher and mum of five. I trained as a primary school teacher and began my career in teaching French and Physical Education. I opened my own children’s 55 place nursery when I had my first child and returned to teaching part-time after our fifth child was born. I joined Archbishop Ilsley in 1998 teaching French and Health and Social Care alongside my Head of Year Role and Head of Behaviour Support.

I love travelling, reading and gardening but my passion is in education and young people. Every child deserves the very best from our schools and I aim to ensure that your child achieves their full potential whilst in our care at Holy Family.