Event - Year 4's Synagogue Visit

4 December 2013

On Wednesday 4th December, Year 4 went to Singer Hill Synagogue as part of our interfaith week.

When we arrived we went to a small prayer room and the woman there thought us about the ark, Star of David, bimah, torah, menorah and the 10 commandments.

Next, we were taken to the main sanctuary of the synagogue which is the main place of prayer. When entering this hall we had to separate and boys and girls had to enter through different doors. The boys had to wear a kippah on their head as every Jewish boy must wear one in this room as a mark of respect. We learned that men and women always sit separately during their four hour prayer services where prayers are read from the torah. We learnt that prayers are always said in Hebrew and read from right to left.

We then went to the balcony of the sanctuary which was another seating area where women could sit. After that we went back downstairs and had an opportunity to dress up in a prayer shawl called a tallit. Adam and Mikayel tried on a tefflin on their head and arm which is a small leather box which some boys also wear during prayer.

We had a really good day at the synagogue and learned lots of new information about the Jewish faith.