Special Event - Vocations Week

13 to 22 June 2016

During the weeks of the 13th and 20th June the children took part in Vocations Week.

We started our week with a retreat day led by Dan and Emily from One Life Music. This day allowed us to reflect on the life of our special Nursery Teacher, Mrs Denny who, sadly passed away at Christmas time. We created a special outdoor area in memory of Mrs Denny and during the day we were joined by Mrs Denny's family and friends for a special blessing of this area by Father Philip.

Throughout the day, the children took place in a variety of workshops, whole school singing and the end of the day everyone came together to share in beautiful prayer service.

During the rest of the time, all the children had lots of exciting visitors in school to talk about what God had called them to be. The children were visited by Sr Maura, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, and Head teacher, past pupils, Builders, Business Manager, Bank Manager, Child Minder, Sales Assistant and Pharmacist.

Father Philip came in to talk to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 about making important choices in our lives and how God calls us in different ways. Vicky, the youth worker visited Year 1 and 2 to talk about how she helps children of all ages.

Andy Lee came in to talk to Years 5 and 6 about how God has called him to work as a Carpenter. The class explored some of the tools he uses and he shared some photos of some of his masterpieces, including an amazing tree-house! The children asked plenty of insightful questions and have been inspired to help their parents around the house with fixing things to see if this is something they might enjoy too.

Year 5 learned all about how to work in finance as Mr Anthony Ford shared his experiences working for Barclays Bank and explained how he felt helping people with their finances is his God-given vocation.

Mr McDonald a former pupil came to talk about how God called him into teaching .We were treated to a selection of his memories about the school. He spoke clearly about the importance of being open to learning and having the right attitude to learn.

Dr Ahtar – former pupil, and Dr King spoke about working hard at school and not giving up on your dreams. The children learned about the importance keeping healthy, and various parts of your body.

Mrs Mulroy, spoke about her vocation as a mother, grandmother teacher and headteacher and visiting seminarians spoke about how God called them into the priesthood.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable time and the children had the opportunity to really evaluate their purpose in life and think about their own future.