Special Event - Sports Day

18 June 2015

On Thursday 18th June the whole of our school participated in a sports day at King Edward's Edgbaston School. Everyone enjoyed it and we all participated by competing in least one event.

In order to catch the coaches, we had to arrive at school earlier than usual. The coaches were very clean and the seats were also comfortable.

Even if we didn't win a race we all qualified as winners and cheered everyone in our houses. In addition to this we all received medals which had the words 'sports day' engraved on it.

It was not only the children who enjoyed themselves, so did the teachers and parents who came to support their children.

Here are some of the lists of the race there was: throwing, egg'n'spoon, 400m, 200m, relay race and skipping.

We also got a quote from Rayhan. He said, "I really enjoyed this opportunity, and it was the perfect final primary school sports day. It was fantastic and much more bigger and better then when we celebrated it, in Oldknow Academy."

Thank you to Miss Carroll for organising this wonderful event.

by Umar (Year 6 Journalist)

Our Opening Ceremony