Event - Kaos Art Project

July 2013

To celebrate the Year of Faith, Holy Family School commissioned a local artist to work with our children to design and create a mosaic that portrays our school.

A mosaic is a picture or design made by putting together small pieces of glass or stone of different colours.

Karen, the artist from KAOS, firstly led a whole school assembly to explain the project to our children. Then Karen worked with our talented artists from Key Stage 2 to create the design for the mosaic.

Small groups of children from all of Key Stage 2 and members of staff were shown by Karen how to make the mosaic and then had the opportunity to contribute to the project by making a small part of the mosaic themselves. The whole project took one week to complete. The mosaic was then left for a few weeks to thoroughly dry out and was finally installed during the summer holidays.

The mosaic is clearly visible from our Key Stage 1 playground where it is set on the wall above our 'family bricks'. Look carefully next time you are in our playground and see what Holy Family Schools means to your children.