Special Event - Jaguar Challenge Regional Finals

15 April 2015

On Wednesday 15th of April the day came of the Jaguar Challenge regional final. we all were prepared for the challenges ahead of us that day. We knew we had to succeed in order to reach the national finals.

There was another school competing and they had two teams, so the chances of winning were getting low. As we had competed last year we had a head start and a good experience of the competition.

Our first challenge was to get together and design our portfolio and pit-display, as we would have questions about it by the judges and visitors. We all decided that it was only fair if we all had a turn of answering a question, so at the end we all participated equally.

After this we had to create and manufacture an additional challenge (a desk tidy).

Next, we went into a room to perform our powerpoint presentation. In this we all were confident and spoke clearly.

Finally, we had to race our car, we won this as our car was very aero-dynamic. Now was the award ceremony. They announced our name and had told us we won the regionals! This has been a great experience and hopefully we will succeed in the national finals on the 23rd June at Coventry's Ricoh Arena.

by Afeefah A (Team Manager and Year 6 Journalist)

Our pit-display!
Here is our final model of the desk tidy.

Our presentation.