Special Event - Book Week

12 October 2015

Holy Family have been busy this week with activities to do with Book Week.

Firstly, the book fair arrived and children and parents had the opportunity to browse and purchase new books.

Some classes designed a book cover and children drew an alternative cover to their own favourite Children designed and created their own book, too.

On Wednesday children had the opportunity of listening to teachers read their favourite book during Story Swap time.

The whole school dressed as their favourite book character on Thursday.

During the week, the children became involved in paired reading sessions whereby the older children read to the younger children.


Reading Enrichment

Every Friday afternoon, the children in different phases meet up and read for pleasure with each other.


Staff Dress Up

Members of staff got into the swing of Book Week, too, as they dressed up as various book characters.


Children Dress as Book Characters

The children paraded, dressed as their favourite Book Character as part of an assembly during Book Week.


Poetry Recitals

During Book Week, the children had to learn and perform a poem in front of the whole school . The children in Years 1 and 2 performed their poem using Talk for Writing.

Year 1

Year 2